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Friday, July 09, 2010

What Exactly do Headhunters do?

I am constantly asked by my friends and family, "hey you're a headhunter, can you find me a job?" And I always have the same answer, "I'm sorry, I can't." To which I always get, "well why not?" At this point I have to start the long explanation of what it is that I actually do.

So what is it then that we "Headhunters" actually do?

I could answer the question quickly, not really, but that wouldn't be as helpful as also telling you what we don't do. So I'll start here first: What Headhunters do not do:

- We do not find jobs for people

- We do not steal people from companies

- We do not have an infinite amount jobs for infinite industries

- We do not have a database of available talent just waiting for us to call them

- We are not a human resources department (or even closely related)

What We Do Do. (yes, I just said do do, stay focused)

- We find People for Companies (we represent our clients and present their tough to fill assignments.

- We contact targeted people in specific industries with a specific skill set and present them with stronger opportunities

- Most Headhunters work a niche and do not deviate from that area of expertise

- We conduct original research to locate candidates who our Clients can not find or have the time to find on their own

- We get paid, by our clients, either a predetermined flat fee or a % of the candidates first year’s salary (100,000 at 25% fee = $25,000 fee)

These are some of the basics. Headhunting is an Science as well as an Art, there is a system to follow to get the desired results but there is also an Art that takes time and it can’t always be rushed. Some of us recruiters have the gift. You will be able to tell if a recruiter is good if they know what they are talking about, or if they are full of shit and just looking to make a quick dollar.
If the recruiter has a process that makes for smooth communication and easy information exchange they are probably good. You’ll know if they are full of crap if they try and rush you, ask for your resume before they even know your background or want to submit you to a job without giving you a proper interview. If your recruiter has industry knowledge and insight, as anyone who specializes in your industry should know, then they are probably okay. If not watch out, sending a resume and having them submit you can be a big headache and even cost you the job.
If you have any questions please feel free to email me at ktp_blog @ ktpsearch.com

Written By: Tarin R. Yankovich, CPC
Copyright © 2010
Tarin Yankovich is the Founder and President of KTP Executive Search Group, Inc. based in Los Angeles California. KTP is a Talent Acquisition firm specializing in placing financial services executives across the United States.

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